Designed to Thrive

Welcome to  Discovering Things!

Our name comes from the the idea that we are always discovering new things that improve our lives in some way.   We are a company with a mission to design apps to help people with disabilities thrive.  Because we are designed to thrive.  We are passionate about assistive technology and using it to enhance the quality of life for people.  This is  especially personal for me as 5 years ago I was paralyzed and understand what it’s like to have major limitations that can feel insurmountable.  When I first woke up from being completely unresponsive, I discovered that I was unable to speak very well, my hands had very little movement, and my legs were completely paralyzed.   I appreciated that I was able to communicate with my friends and family via video chats and other technologies at the time that made my rehab experience more enjoyable.

My background is in visual communication technology and  I have always had a passion for using technology to help people.  Discovering Things is a technology company with an innovative mind and a compassionate heart  for people.  We are looking forward to the release of our first App called “Discovering Talk” which will help people with motor speech disorders, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, and other speech related issues find their voice and thrive.   So stick around and discover the things that we develop  to improve people’s every day lives and share them with the world.